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The White Mountain Footwear Group is committed to working with our supply chain and retail partners to endorse, improve and impact environmental sustainability initiatives, both in the U.S. and internationally. We are committed to ensuring that the necessary policies and measures are taken to plan, execute and monitor our business activities worldwide, ensuring that they stay true to the goals of our Sustainability Mission. The purpose of this page is to summarize our policy and the measures we take, including our sustainable business activities and environmental concerns, and to work with our partner factories, freight forwarders, customers, and everybody involved in our supply and delivery chain to achieve our forecasted goals. SustainabilityOur Sustainability Mission is supported by the following measures:


Reduction of pollutants – We conduct continuous testing of both our product and our production materials, as regulated by FDA, Local Laws, California Prop 65, and other applicable agencies, to identify and reduce the use of pollutants. We also ensure the proper storage, distribution and disposal of materials that could be potentially considered hazardous and/or environmentally concerning.


Reduction of Carbon and Energy output – We use the closest export/import ports (both in the countries of origin and in the U.S.) in order to reduce our transportation of product by trucks. We also take care to source product components, including packaging, that are close to our production facilities for a further reduce of our carbon footprint.


Ensure Environmentally Friendly Practices across our Supply Chain and Footwear Production methods. This is supported by ongoing factory inspections.


Educate both domestic and international personnel on Environmental Protection and Cleaner Production Initiatives. This is done though the use of mandatory training courses and seminars.


Defining and enforcing ‘green’ initiatives on the factory floor, including: Usage or recyclable and/or environmentally friendly production materials whenever possible (recyclable materials in footwear components, and packing) and Proper Waste Management


Working to raise awareness of environmental issues amongst our employees, factories and partners and educating them regarding sustainability. This contributes to an increased commitment towards the adoption of increasingly ‘green’ business practices.